Our purpose is to allow people to enjoy choosing freely, always.

We want you to value your freedom & live by it. We aim you to empower you to dream, to experience, and to be the way you want to be by embracing, discovering and enjoying small moments of freedom. We want to help you make complicated things simple & embrace the joy of missing out.

All while being aware of your impact on the environment & surroundings, and understanding the shared responsibility of every choice you make.

Our Zeena wines

Zeena White

This can contains a spectacular organic white wine. Its smooth and delicate taste will surprise you. You’re sure to want more!

Zeena Rosé

Our rosé wine is finally available! Try it now!


Zeena Red

This can contains an awesome organic red wine. You can feel the intense energy it has inside. You’ll easily distinguish the cherry and strawberry notes. Once you try it, you won’t be able to stop!

The can, the container that is constantly winning followers

Aluminum cans 100% recycled and recyclable, protected by an interior Vinisafe coating to ensure maximum quality and maintain the taste of the wine unaltered.

The perfectly imperfects

Zeena is about attitudes. Regardless of age, race or sex, we can like the same things and act similarly.

We have a global outlook; We believe that each and every individual has a responsibility to the planet and the society in which we live.


Hurry up! Last chance!
Hurry up! Last chance!
Hurry up! Last chance!
Hurry up! Last chance!


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