Wine curiosities part II

Zeena Curiosidades del Vino

Pop open a Zeena, take a sip and enjoy this new article.


There are wines of ALL KINDS. It is no mistake that we put ALL KINDS in capital letters and bold. Readys for this curiosity?


Depending on the winemaking and grape varieties, there will be different types of wine, but did you know that there are wines aged with meteorite? Just like that. In Chile they mixed astronomy with wine and made a cosmic Cabernet. Amazing, isn’t it? There are other types of wine that have even been produced with bones or animal feces, ehm interesting right? Would you dare to try them?


In Canada there is a type of wine that is produced without grapes, it is made with fermented tomatoes… Bolognese or Canadian wine? Who knows…

Another curiosity that we found fascinating is that there are marine wineries! There are wineries that use the depths of the ocean for the preservation of their wine. This is no mistake either, the conditions are ideal: constant temperature and pressure, and no light… SpongeBob will be very, very happy… 


And while we’re on the subject of wineries, did you know that the largest winery in the world has more than 200 km of surface area? Only 50 of them are in use, and it has subway caves where two million bottles of wine rest. It is located in Moldova, and it is the Milestii Mici winery. You will need a guide to move around the winery if you don’t want to get lost! 


Think about colder days, did you know that ice wine exists? Also known as “Eiswein”, it is a wine made from frozen grapes – here in Spain we would call it granizado! This type of wine has its origin in northern Bavaria, Germany, although we can also find it in Spain in D.O Arlanza (Amantia wine), Penedès (Vi de Glass Gewürztraminer), Rioja Alavesa (Malizia wine). One of its main characteristics is that when produced with frozen grapes, it has a high sugar content. 


These were some interesting facts about wine… Which one did you find most surprising? Do you have any other random fun facts about wine? Feel free to share them with us via email ( or send us a DM on Instagram (drink.zeena), we would love to hear them.

Thursday January 13th, 2022