Wine curiosities

zeena curiosidades vino

The world of wine is fascinating, 

Today we are bringing you a new article about wine curiosities, because the perfectly imperfects always want to know more… Are you ready?

Not to brag but… once again we are going to surprise you!

At Zeena we love to cheers, brindar in Spanish, but…

Do you know where this tradition comes from?

The word “brindar” comes from the German “bring dir’s” (I offer you). Its origin goes back to the great banquets that were celebrated centuries ago, a time when poisonings were frequent (at that time instead of unfollowing you, they poisoned you… That surely is a way to make someone dislike you!). When sitting at the banquets, the glasses were raised by clinking them together, so that the wine would spill from one glass to another, and in this way they demonstrated and ensured that the drink was not poisoned. 

So if you don’t trust people, you know… Let’s cheers! 


If you follow us you probably like wine, (and who doesn’t?) But

Do you know who created this drink of Gods?

There are thousands of hypotheses about which genius mind invented wine; in ancient Egypt the king Osiris, in Greek mythology Dionysus, according to the Romans Bacchus…. What we do know is that the main producers of wine were the monks in the Middle Ages. They controlled the techniques for the correct elaboration of wine. Cheers to them!


Another surprising fact is that wine has no color

Right now you may be thinking: whaaaaaat? What are these crazy people saying! We haven’t lost our minds (well, maybe a little bit, but you already knew that). We’ll tell you why:

The must of wine is colorless, the color of wines arises as a result of maceration by the pigments of the grape skins, also known as skin. Thus, when fermenting, the color of the wine is created. 

If we are observant and look at the color of the wine, we can try to guess its origin, and know if it comes from warmer or colder regions. The darker wines are usually from warmer climates, and the lighter ones from colder regions.


Another curiosity that we bring you today is that France is NOT the country that consumes the most wine. OH LA LA! It is not strange to think of wine and automatically relate it to our neighboring country, because it is true that they have a very long wine tradition. Did you know that not long ago France consumed the same amount of wine as the entire population of the United States? So… Who is the country that consumes the most wine? 

Drum roll… 🥁

The Vatican! And next on the list is another tiny country: Andorra.

So France falls to third on the list of wine consumption per capita.


What do you think of these curiosities? 

You’re very welcome!


Wednesday March 31st, 2021