Zeena drinking game

zeena drinking game
Tuesday October 26th, 2021

Zeena will ensure that you have a fun night!

Warning: we are not responsible if you call your ex, this is your future problem.

Do you have your Zeena DRINKING GAME in front of you? Are you ready? 


To play you have to be at least 2 players. There is no maximum, but to ensure that the game is quick and fun we recommend it to be between 2-6 people. 

Take the deck of cards, admire it because it looks so pretty, and create a circle around a can of Zeena in the middle (or around a glass you have at home).


In turns, you will have to take one card at a time. Each card is a different drinking challenge. On the card itself it is explained what you have to do, but in case it isn’t clear we will explain it here in more detail as well. 


Try not to break the circle of cards when you pick up your card, the first person to break the cycle has to finish their drink. Once you have done the challenge on the card you have to place the card on top of the can or glass in the middle of the circle. If you drop the card or cause other cards to fall, you have to finish the drink in the middle. 


Tell a story:

With this card you must bring out the Penelope Cruz in you. Think of a story (whatever you want: what you did yesterday, how you met your crush, when you lost your virginity… whatever you feel like!) Start telling the story, the others will simultaneously have to tell feelings (“joy”, “sadness”, “rage”…). You have to continue telling the story taking into account these feelings. If you did a great job, the others drink, if you did a bad job, it is time to drink and to sign up to acting classes.

Lights, camera, action!

Who’s the most likely to…

The person on your left chooses a partner for you, you both stand up back to back, so that you can’t see each other’s faces. The person who previously cose your partner will now ask a “who is most likely to…” question. If you think it is you, drink. If you think it is the person who you are standing back to back to, then don’t drink. If you both agreed on “who is most likely to…” the rest of the group has to drink, if you had different opinions than you both have to drink. 

Here is an example, to make it easier to understand:

I stand back to back with a partner that the person previously sitting to my left chose, we are both holding our Zeena/drink in our hand. The person that previously chose the partner asks a question, for example “Who is most likely to get arrested?”. Knowing all the crazy stuff I do, especially when I am drunk, I drink to signify that I believe that I am most likely to. If I don’t agree I wouldn’t drink. If my partner and I both agree on who is most likely to, i.e. one of us drinks and the other doesn’t, then we won and the rest of the group has to drink. However, if we didn’t agree, my partner and I both have to drink.


Boys drink. Sorry chicos… it’s your turn!


Girls drink… Did you really think you’d get away with it? ¡Vamonos chicas!

Thumb game

This card gives you the magic thumb. The person who picked up this card can place their thumb, whenever they feel like it, on the table. Everyone has to also put their thumb on the table, the last person that puts their thumb on the table loses and has to drink. The person who picked up this card can only do this once.


Let’s drink!

Very easy haha. Everyone drinks!


If you pick up this card, shout: Zeena! Everyone will have to get down on the floor yes yes you heard correctly. The last one to get down on the floow has to drink. But please be careful and don’t break or spill anything. 

Snake eyes

If you got this card, for one round you have a killer look, when people look you directly in the eyes they must drink (you must remember to tell who has to drink when they cross your eyes).


If you get this card you can set a new rule, everyone during a game or round must comply with it, otherwise they have to drink.

For example: Everyone has to drink with their left hand and if they don’t they have to drink.

Picture perfect

Pose and get others to take a picture of yourself on your phone now post it on your instagram story and tag @drink.zeena 🙂 So that we can all have a good laugh! Cheers!

Drink wine in a bottle!

Point to someone and shout “Drink wine in a bottle!”. Everyone should throw something on him/her; a lighter, a cushion…Whatever you have at hand (don’t overdo it and please don’t break anything!), the last one to throw something at them has to drink.


Question master

Chain of meaningless questions.

Look at someone, ask them a random question: “Do you wear a thong?”, they will not be able to answer, they will have to look at someone else and ask a different question that has nothing to do with the previous one “Are we going out today?” and so on. Everyone has to keep a straight face. Whoever doesn’t know what question to ask, repeats a question or starts laughing loses and has to drink. Isn’t this a cheeky way to find out little secrets? 


Never have I ever…

Each person will have to say something they have never done, for example “Never have I ever drank canned wine”. Those who have done it have to drink and they lose a life. 

The first person that loses all of their three lives must finish their drink.

The coin game

The person on your right has to whisper a question in your ear, it has to start with “Who is most likely to/who is the most…” For example, “Who is most likely to get first?”

Now, give a coin to whoever you think is “most likely to”. This person now has to flip a coin: if it lands on heads you have to tell them the question and if it comes up tail, they will be left wondering for the rest of the night. 


Choose a category, anything you can think of, “types of grapes”, “car brands”, “card games”… literally anything. Now starting with you, you have to say names that belong to the category. The first person that takes longer than 5 seconds to respond or repeats something that has already been said, has to drink.


A Sip of Freedom

Let’s get creative, with this card you can do whatever you want. You can invent a new game, you can use it as a wild card… Please let us know on Instagram how you use it. We would love to hear your ideas! 

To the top

It’s time to fill all the glasses to the top. If you drink straight from the can, congratulations! Take a long drink.

So that’s it. If you have any questions, game ideas, or whatever you want to tell us, write to us! We’d love to hear from you. 

Cheers and let’s drink it up