Success at Zeena’s first event

Wednesday September 21st, 2022

On September 15th we presented ourselves in society with a fun event inspired by the freedom to choose to enjoy, always.

After the birth of Zeena in the middle of the pandemic, we were finally able to make a splash, bringing together in Barcelona several personalities such as the president of FC Barcelona Joan Laporta, the model and influencer Javier de Miguel, as well as leading industry players, distributors, purchasing centers, hotel chains and large restaurants. We presented ourselves in style! That’s how we are!

In addition to the tasting of our wines and a delicious tasting in cocktail format, by the hand of Instituto Vermut, attendees enjoyed an art exhibition with our humorous touch with the motif “Freedom. The natural revolution of wine”, which is our brand’s flagship.

We addressed the latest trends in the beverage industry, especially in the RTD category. Our founder and CEO, Sana Khouja, explained that the key to success has been the creation of a global project “that already enjoys a presence in 4 of the 5 continents”, she announced, thanking “the great commitment that the different agents have made by betting on the can”, and highlighting the international awards and numerous recognitions that our product is receiving from sommeliers, wine influencers and international competitions. We also showcased the different references from Institut Vermut, whose expert bartenders created four delicious cocktails for the occasion: Beso Di-Vino, based on Zeena White, blackberries, orange blossom and ginger and lemon Kombucha; Wtf: Where Is The Wine? with Zeena with bubbles, Aperol, natural orange and spirulina, and See You On Winesday, composed of Zeena Red, vermouth, Campari and chocolate, and WINE NOT? Zeena Rosé Wine, Mint, Lime and Red Fruit Kombucha.

“IF THE WORLD GIVES YOU THE BADGES, TASTE IT WINE AND ENJOY” was the call to action of an invitation that offered attendees to learn about and join the wine revolution that can only be understood from the freedom to choose to enjoy.

Four references, awards and international expansion

We present our four references – red, white, rosé and sparkling – four young wines with vegan and organic certification, free of additives and added sugars, and all packaged in 100% recycled and recyclable aluminum cans, protected by an internal VINSAFE film, which significantly reduces the environmental impact and maintains the flavor and aroma unaltered, as they are hermetically sealed. It has two formats, the 250ml for retail, and the 187ml, designed exclusively for the HORECA channel.

Since our birth, we have enjoyed a great reception both nationally, where we have important partners such as Glovo and Ankorstore, both present at the event, and organized catering chains such as Santa Gloria of the FoodBox group, the empanadillas chain Tio Bigotes, and ham and sausages Enrique Tomas, as well as internationally, with an outstanding presence in countries such as Japan, and the recent arrival in Mexico, Finland and Ivory Coast, among others. Our extraordinary quality and commitment to innovation have also been recognized in some of the most prestigious professional competitions, winning several gold medals at the International Canned Wine Competition in California, and the designation in the British Wines from Spain Awards as one of the 100 best Spanish wines. We are yummy, and we’re not the only ones saying so…. Cheers!