How much do you know about organic wine?

Vino orgánico en lata

We want to share our knowledge with you.

Zeena gives you #aSipOfKnowledge 😏

When speaking about our wines, one of the many attributes worth highlighting (modesty step aside as Zeena comes into the spotlight) are that they are organic.

But what do we mean when we say organic wine?

We don’t say it to be cool (although it is).

When we say that our wine is organic, we mean that in the cultivation of the grapes and the production of the wine, all the products used are of natural origin, not synthetic. The use of synthetic agrochemical products (fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides…) is prohibited throughout the entire production process.

Organic farming is similar to traditional vine-growing, but all products that are not of natural origin are prohibited. It is a much slower process, but also much more respectful.

Wine growers are looking back to nature again, the same way that wine was produced 50 years ago, but now with better technology and more knowledge.

The soil is the main reason to use organic farming. It must be rich in organic material. To fertilize it, natural products such as manure are used. Healthy soil, balanced ecosystem.

One of the most common and serious diseases in wine growing is powdery mildew. It’s caused by a fungus that becomes active in the springtime. When conditions are favorable for its development, it can affect all of the green tissue on the grapevine and cause losses of up to 100% of the crop. It is one of the most difficult plagues to control in organic farming.

The rise in the demand for organic products continues as the trend in consumer buying habits and as a way of life connected to an increasingly pronounced environmental consciousness.

Organic wines taste the same as traditional wines, they differ in their production process. Their true relevance lies in ecological consciousness and in their cleaner production process.

Zeena is a wine with environmental consciousness. Zeena is #aSipOfFreedom.

Wednesday May 19th, 2021