Sana Khouja – who is behind Zeena?

Sana Khouja Zeena

Sana is the living image of Zeena. The project was born in the middle of the pandemic, it goes against the trends and it breaks all stereotypes and traditional ideas of the wine world. 

This is Sana. Like Xena, the warrior princess, Sana brings out her claws ready to achieve everything she sets her mind to. Who else would think of canning wine?

Only 34 years old, Sana Khouja is the founder of Zeena, and the living image of the project.


A mixture of pà amb tomàquet and Tagine, the eldest of three siblings, at only 34 years old (although let’s be honest, age is just a number), with a degree in life and in renowned universities such as Durham, EADA, IESE, The Power MBA and Valley Digital Business School, she has a great professional career behind her.

She had a difficult childhood, but never gave up. She had her first job at only 13 years old, cleaning apartments and tutoring his neighbors’ children. She speaks 6 languages – Amazigh, Arabic, Spanish, Catalan, English and French-, and depending on the Zeena’s she had, she can also speak Winese!

She shows an amazing personality, an entrepreneurial spirit, for which she has been known in projects related to technology and health.

Her fondness for the world of wine comes from afar, the result of her passage through companies in the sector, such as the Perinet winery, where she worked for four years. At the end of 2019 she founded Mindful Drinkers, owner of Zeena, being able to build a project without resources for which important national and international business angels have already made their bets on. Zeena is a company that has a great journey ahead by bringing value to the market and by being the leader of sustainable change!

Today it’s time to give a toast to Sana, 

So open your Zeena and Cheers!

Tuesday November 2nd, 2021