Zeena dresses up your events

zeena viste tus suenos
Wednesday September 15th, 2021

Zeena is synonymous with good vibes, with celebration. We dress up your events, with a touch of Zeena, so you can be the life of the party!

Official sponsor of your moments of pleasure, and this summer also of Nomad Xperience and Candle Concert. Still haven’t heard of them? We’ll tell you all about them!

Nomad was an oasis in the middle of nature, located in Tarragona. We created a Zeena-style chill out space and it was a success, the second week we ran out of stock! Not to show off but … that’s the way it is when you’re so good!(Modesty get out of the way, Zeena’s coming in).

And as if we had’t had enough with Nomad, we also participated in Candle Concert on the Road.

Zeena believes in art, music and that is why we took part in Candle Concert on The Road, a cultural movement that focuses on supporting local artists to create unique experiences through art, candles and music. The first tour of Spain hand in hand with Zeena. And it too was an absolute hit!

Buckle up your seat belts and get ready for some curves… because this October there’s nonstop movement coming up!

We are pleased to announce that we will form part of SWAB, Barcelona’s contemporary art fair, from October 7th to 10th. An independent project that was born in 2006 as a platform for experimentation with emerging artistic proposals. SWAB is an event that brings together some 80 galleries from the international scene and works as a meeting point for the cultural sector on a global scale. And Zeena couldn’t miss it!

And as if that were not enough, we will also take part in FTALKS, in Valencia.

This third edition of Ftalks, brings together once again the protagonists of the transformation of the food ecosystem. Inspiration, success stories, foodtech startups and networking are the ingredients of this new event, focused on sustainability and health.

That’s us! We’re up for anything! Are you thinking of creating an event? What are you waiting for? Write us and we will creat a totally personalized proposal for you. Be the life of the party with Zeena!