Exploring the Zeena labels

Monday June 7th, 2021

Labels are often a mystery, sometimes understanding them becomes a kind of escape room; but don’t worry, we are here to offer you #aSipOfKnowledge and solve the mystery of all the information behind our labels. 

Let’s get started!

The name of the wine. Always in a visible place, let’s make Zeena look good!

What kind of wine is it? Rosé, white, red… At this point we also let you know that Zeena is organic and vegan!

The vintage: it is not mandatory, but we want you to know from which year the wine is from, the wine comes entirely from the harvest of the given year. 

Volume: it is mandatory to indicate the capacity of the bottle or can, it’s pretty helpful to know how much we are drinking, otherwise the next morning could be a lot rougher than we expected…

Contains sulfites: it is obligatory to add this if a product contains sulfites. Even though we do not add any extra sulfites, wine naturally contains sulfites because of the fruit.

Bottler/canner: it is mandatory to specify who has canned/bottled the wine.

Country of origin: this is required for export. Our products are all Spanish.

The alcohol content: it is essential and is expressed as a percentage in relation to the volume of the can. The higher the alcohol content, the higher the chances that you will call your ex. So be careful with this point!

You can add how it should be consumed, in our case, depending on the wine, we recommend an ideal temperature to consumer or other recommendations (although #aSipOfFreedom so you can drink it at any temperature you like) and totally naked.

We also recommend that you let it breathe 100 seconds before consuming, because with the first seconds, when you open the can, a lot of nuances in the flavor are released. 

We are a Covid free wine, that’s why we wanted to add a section to our label to put your name, so you will avoid confusion and nobody will take your Zeena away from you!

Canned with love: we couldn’t can it any other way… We are pure love (and humility)!

QR web and Social Media: this point is totally optional, but we love it! So, after falling in love with Zeena, you can follow us, and we can start a beautiful friendship!

Certifications: in our case the logo of the Organic Agricultural Production Council, EU Agriculture, Vegan and Recyclable in the yellow container.

Now you know everything about our label, you’re totally welcome!