Fashionable wine

Moda vino en lata Zeena

It’s nothing new that wine in cans is a trend, and we still believe that we caused the trend!

It seems that the wine sector is starting to innovate (it was about time), and in a wine country like Spain, it was strange that this god’s drink had not reached young people before. 

More and more wineries are looking to innovate and open new markets.

Consumers have changed, they have new ways of consuming (where the online channels play an important role) and they are more concerned about the footprint they leave on the environment (finally!)? 

Canning wine makes the beverage, traditionally recognized in a format such as glass bottles, be perceived as a new and different product, which adapts to new consumer trends. 

ProWein, the world’s leading trade fair for wines and spirits, states that in recent years there has been a boom in the canned wine market. In just one year there has been a 59.5% increase in production, and it already represents a $45 million business in the United States, the highest percentage growth ever among all the alternatives to traditional glass bottles. 

A study by E. & J.Gallo indicates that 1 in 4 wine consumers would be willing to try wine in a can if they didn’t have to buy a whole bottle. Let’s be honest, how many times when you were with friends and you felt like a glass of wine and you didn’t drink it because you didn’t want to open the whole bottle? 

Why the can?

Apart from the fact that it is beautiful and super instagrammable (long live the perfect post!), the cans are made of 100% recycled and recyclable aluminum.

They are protected by a VINSAFE film to ensure maximum quality and keep the taste of the wine unaltered – it’s practically impossible to tell the difference between a wine out of the can and one from the bottle! If you don’t believe us, go and try!

The can reaches moments of consumption where the bottle cannot go, it is lighter, easier to transport and does not need an opener! Let’s be honest, not everyone knows how to open a bottle. Cheers if you’ve ever tried to open a bottle in a creative way when you didn’t have a bottle opener, for example a fork. And no, it’s not a good idea! 

You can take it to picnics, even concerts or events, where glass is usually forbidden.

Why if I’m not at a restaurant and I fancy a drink do I have to buy the whole bottle? Or if I want to order delivery… and I just want a glass of wine… Think about it! All the benefits…

If we haven’t convinced you yet, you are VERY VERY stubborn. If we have convinced you (which we hope we have), we encourage you to try our cans, they will surprise you! We don’t want to brag, but… They are absolutely delicious!

Tuesday October 5th, 2021