Mulled wine

Zeena Vino Caliente orgánico

I mean who doesn’t love Christmas! Michael we are already with Michael Bublé’s songs playing loudly in our office.

Because we are one of those people who on November 1 already starts to take out the Christmas decorations, buys sweaters for the whole family and selects the advent calendar that will accompany us this Christmas. 

We love Christmas and that’s why we bring you a very special recipe!

Are you thinking what we are thinking? Mulled wine!

Mulled wine is a typical drink in many countries, and although the tradition is to drink it at Christmas, it is consumed throughout the winter. For a good reason, it’s so delicious!

In England it is known both as Mulled or Hot Wine.



3 tins of red wine 250 ml (75cl.)

80 gr of brown sugar 

4 cardamom pods

6 cloves

2 stars of aniseed 

2 cinnamon sticks

a pinch of grated nutmeg

1 lemon 

1 orange



Open a can of red wine, stare at it with a seductive look. You now have mulled wine. Cheers! 

Come on, let’s get serious… 

Making mulled wine is very simple, take a pot and put all the spices, lemon and orange peels and brown sugar, and do a David Bisbal: put it “on low heat”. 

Let the spices and the peels release their aromas and the sugar caramelizes. To prevent it from sticking, add a splash of wine (just enough to cover the sugar).

When the sugar is dissolved, add the rest of the wine and make another David Bisbal “over low heat” for half an hour. It is important that the wine does not boil. Check the sugar, in case you want more or less sweet, remove from the heat and let it rest.

To preserve it, strain it and keep it in a bottle (it will be one of the few times that Zeena will tell you to do something with a bottle…). 

Serve this drink of the gods with cookies or Christmas sweets.

We encourage you to send us photos of the final result.


Thursday November 11th, 2021