Why is it called Zeena?

Qué es Zeena

A rising sun on the horizon, or a crescent moon that illuminates the brand’s different designs. Actually, Zeena is very closely connected to the moon, a constant source of inspiration and freedom. Even in its logo, the e’s are strategically positioned to point towards the moon.


Moreover, the moon has a major influence on the cultivation of the grapes and on the production of the wine, but that is another story for another moment. So, why is it called Zeena? This name is full of symbolism and different meanings, you can decide which is your favorite… here they go!


Zeena, or Zina takes us to the Bereber culture, of which Sana, the driving force behind this project, is from. The Bereber people are nomads of an ethnic group that has thousands of years of history, a relic of the pre-Islamic world, that has managed to transmit its language, customs and traditons from generation to generation.


The Romans called them barbarians, but the proud Bereber people like to be known as “imazighen”, which means free men. Like the Imazighen, Zeena is freedom, #aSipOfFreedom, always free to choose how we want to live. Freedom, oxygen for the soul.


Zeena is also romanticism, we find it in a song about heartbreak in Moraccan, written by Babylone. “They told me you went out at night, asking for me, in the absence of the moon.” ‘Zina’ in arabic means beautiful and it speaks of love cut short by destiny. It is one of the most popular love songs in Algerian culture.


Zeena evokes beauty, but above all the spirit of warriors. “Xena” the warrior princess, a pioneering heroine who conquered thousands of fans. Synonym for a “tough and brave woman.” Expert at using a sword and terrific at hand to hand combat. Everyone that knows Sana sees this fighting spirit in her eyes. And Zeena is likewise.


In a country with a long tradition of wine production, closely tied to its traditions and ways of being, Zeena arrives, with its dream of freedom, breaking all schemas. Fearless. Fighting against the current.


Zeena is positive change in a world that wants to be unalterable. Zeena is the originality that inspires us to value our freedom, always.

Tuesday January 12th, 2021