It’s pronounced Zeena

Zeena se pronuncia Cina

Spain has many good things, the people, sympathy and optimism are clear characteristics, accompanied by good climate and incredible landscapes. It is the land of wines, of flamenco…Every generalization is bad, but it goes without saying that everyone is not the same, but in generic terms, Spain can be characterized by its pronunciation. 

Especially when it comes to brands, the Spanish are creative. For example they say “ESTARBUC” nor “ESTARBAC”, although the coffee chain is called “STARBAX COFFI”.

And what about one of the most known sports brands? We have all, without a doubt, said the name of this brand on multiple occasions. However, we should pronounce “Naik” with an extra e, like “Nikee” or like “Naiki” for the Spanish.


How do you say it? 

Another common mistake, is pronouncing the jeans brand anything different to “Livais”

And our sunglasses for example are correctly pronounced like “Ray-Bén”.

Although not many of us can afford anything from there, it is still important to raise awareness that the famous luxury brand “LOUIS VUITTON” is pronounced like “Lui Vu-ton”.

In general it wouldn’t be too far to say that pronunciation is not the favorite activity of the Spaniards, but the most important pronunciation miracle hasn’t been resolved yet. Drum roll please….

Our canned wine is pronounced like “Ceena”, This is one of the most important words. So please repeat after me.

“Give me a can of Ceena”.

And now please cheer for Zeena and its story. 


Friday March 4th, 2022