Yes or no to the can?

Vino tinto enlatado Zeena

There are some things that have not been questioned for centuries, including the packaging of wine (the glass bottle). Recently, some alternatives to glass have emerged, such as the Bag In Box or the can.

When it comes to evolution, breaking stereotypes and moving away from tradition, it is not uncommon to observe individuals directly taking clear positions without much thinking. The three most common positions are: the “no to change”, the “hm, I’m not sure” and the “open-to-everything”. 

The wine sector is a very traditional sector, with very clear stereotypes and certain clearly stipulated behavioral patterns. Over the years, the wine sector has always been very conservative: if something already works, why change it? But if we would apply this attitude in every aspect of our lives, we would have never evolved. When we show Zeena to the world, at events, to friends, family…. The first reaction is ALWAYS a confused face and the shocked “What? Wine in a can?”.

The great majority asks further questions: “but is it like actual wine?” And after tasting it: “oh wow… But it’s so good!” Consumers find it hard to believe that any wine in a format other than the bottle will be of quality, they even go as far as questioning whether it’s actual wine made from real grapes.

The canned wine market is booming, but in Spain it is still quite uncommon, while in countries like the US, South Africa and Australia it is already such a big thing. Reasons could be that those countries have less wine tradition and culture so people are more open to this new format. But everything still points at a huge success, even in Spain. And no, it’s not just us who say this. According to the Grand View Research study Canned Wines Market 2016-2028, the global canned wine market will reach 571.8 million dollars in 2028, with an annual growth rate of 13.2%. Wow!

And it’s all about the advantages of canned wine! Convenience, easy to carry, ease of use (and drink of course), less waste, easier to store and a lower environmental impact given that the cans are lighter, so more efficient shipping… Say adios to bottle openers, glasses and say hi to your wine to go, even when you are in a hurry because Zeenas cool down a lot quicker than wines in bottles. Not forgetting, that cans are a lot more sustainable than glass bottles, since they are made of recycled aluminum and are infinitely recyclable… All advantages!

So, are you switching to cans?

Thursday September 1st, 2022