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Zeena vino espumoso
Wednesday April 6th, 2022

From the very first moment Zeena went against the flow, following marketing trends and running away from existing stereotypes in the wine world. That is why Zeena has launched the new “Burbujitas”, a sparkling white wine that will leave you speechless. “Burbujitas” is a sparkling white wine made in the region of Cava, which is rumored to be one of the must-haves for summer. Recently, the new trends in the world of wine for this year 2022 have been published. El Cocinillas published an article in which they predicted an increasing interest in organic wines, local varieties and new formats; as the trends that will mark what we will drink this year/ 

It sounds like they are talking about us, right?

Sustainability is gaining more and more prominence in the world of wine (finally), being a new way to reach the generations of consumers that are concerned about the future of the planet. According to Wine Intelligence, there is a growing trend towards smaller quantities of wine and towards higher quality, which shows an increase of human and environmental commitment that starts with the mentality of the winemakers. 

More and more wineries are concerned about reducing their environmental impact, increasing the production of organic wines and developing more projects that are committed to new, more sustainable formats, such as cans. 

Did you know that cans have less impact on the environment than glass bottles?

Aluminum is 100% recyclable and packaging wine in cans results in a very small environmental footprint. The can is infinitely recyclable without losing its properties, while glass has a finite life. A UK study found that transporting the same total volume of packaged wine cans (250 ml) has less than half the CO2 emissions than wine transported in glass bottle containers (Scientist Live, 2018).

Another trend in the wine sector is references with less alcohol, the “low alcohol”. This growing trend, focusing on well-being and a healthier lifestyle, arrives in the world of wine in forms of low or no alcohol references. Up till now, sparkling wines were reserved for special occasions, but now it is possible to have sparkling wines at any time. We no longer need any excuses to drink good wine, we are worth it and should consume it whenever we want. Little by little sparkling wine is becoming part of our daily life, cheers to bubbles everywhere!

The can is becoming a new normal. More and more wineries are realizing the importance of making wine more relevant to the next generation of consumers. Cans are easy to transport and to consume, wherever and whenever you want.

These will be some of the trends that will increase in the next months. As we said at the beginning of the article, Zeena is ahead of the market trends, and this time it does it with a new variety of products:

Are you ready?

Zeena is organic and vegan wine that cares about the environment in every decision taken in the company. The Sparkling wine with a lower alcohol content will drive you crazy! It’s simply amazing. 

You no longer need to look for an excuse to drink good wine, now you can enjoy it wherever and whenever you want. 

Cheers to that!