Wine in cans: a sustainable revolution in the wine industry

Vinos en lata Zeena blanco, rosado, tinto, blanco burbujitas y rosado burbujitas

In a world increasingly concerned about the environment, sustainability has become a priority for Mindful Drinkers. In our mission to promote sustainable practices and care for the planet, today we tell you how a can helps reduce our environmental footprint, and preserve our natural surroundings.

♻️🔄 First of all, our cans are made from infinitely recyclable aluminum. This means that by choosing our cans, you are contributing to a continuous life cycle and preventing materials from becoming waste. Recycling aluminum requires less energy and produces fewer carbon emissions compared to other materials, which significantly reduces our environmental footprint.

🚚🌍 In addition, the use of aluminum cans helps us reduce the environmental impact generated by transportation by approximately 20% compared to glass, the most commonly used packaging in the wine industry. This translates into a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions during the transportation of our products. By choosing our cans, you are helping to protect our planet by decreasing the carbon footprint associated with wine logistics and distribution.

💧🌍 Another important aspect to consider is water consumption. The reuse of glass implies a higher consumption of water, a vital and scarce resource in many parts of the world. By opting for our cans, you are not only contributing to reduce water consumption in production processes, but also to conserve this precious resource for future generations.

🌊🐠 The issue of plastic in the oceans is a global concern. By using aluminum cans, we are taking an important step to reduce the amount of plastic reaching our oceans. Plastic poses a significant threat to marine life and by choosing sustainable packaging, we are protecting our aquatic ecosystems and contributing to the preservation of marine life.

🌍🔄 In addition, all of our packaging is fully recyclable. This means that after enjoying our delicious wine, you can be sure that the packaging will be properly recycled and turned into new products. In this way, we are closing the cycle and preventing waste from ending up in landfills or polluting our natural environment.

But sustainability is not only limited to the packaging. Our wines are produced without fertilizers or pesticides, and we do not use animal by-products at any stage of the process. We are proud to say that we are “cruelty-free” and care about providing you with quality products that align with your ethical values. By avoiding the use of fertilizers and pesticides, as well as harmful chemicals, we are reducing land degradation and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Are you joining the natural wine revolution?

Thursday June 29th, 2023