Zeena white, awarded at the Wines from Spain Awards

Vino enlatado premiados 2022

Owned by the Spanish company Mindful Drinkers, the Zeena White Organic & Vegan 2021 has been one of the 100 selected in the Wines from Spain Awards, which rewards the best Spanish wines, valued by industry professionals and specialized press in the UK.

Made from organically grown Terra Alta Grenache, it is the only canned wine to win an award in the history of the competition.

Its freshness and lightness make it a versatile drink, designed for a non-conformist consumer, free of complexes, who cares about their health and that of the planet. After two years on hold due to the pandemic, the Wines from Spain Awards competition has celebrated its eighth edition this month, judging wines of all styles and categories to recognize the quality and excellence of Spanish winemaking.

Chaired by Master of Wine Tim Atkin, the jury is composed of a panel of 14 expert judges, who evaluate following a rigorous blind tasting process.

Thus, Zeena White enjoys a privileged position among the 100 winners, which will be tasted at the awards gala to be held this week.

For Sana Khouja, founder and CEO of Mindful Drinkers, this designation means “the consolidation in the market of our firm commitment to quality.

We seek to demonstrate to professionals and the most skeptical public that Zeena is the safe bet for quality Spanish wines in the “joy on the go”, in a novel and sustainable format to bring wine to new moments of consumption.

With this objective, we launched two formats to adapt to each of the different strategic channels of the brand: the 187ml format for restaurants, hotels, travel (cruises, trains, planes) and shows; and the 250ml for the offtrade channel.

We are not yet present in the UK, and we are eager to be there! Zeena White Organic & Vegan 2021 is a single varietal white Grenache from Terra Alta, with an elegant and bright golden hue, clean aroma with floral and citrus tones, dry and fresh in the mouth, with a light body.

Along with its White, Zeena also presents its Grenache Red and Rosé varieties, and this summer’s novelty: Zeena Bubbles, a Parellada sparkling wine. Zeena wines are canned in recycled and recyclable aluminum, hermetically sealed and protected by an internal film of VINSAFE to maintain their aroma and flavor unaltered.

Their free and rebellious character drives the brand’s ‘a sip of freedom’ movement: a shift towards a positive attitude, aimed at those dynamic and urban people who seek to discover new formulas to enjoy their passion wherever and whenever they want.

Thursday June 2nd, 2022