What the FAQs?
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What the FAQs?

Garnacha is a mediterranean variety with fresh fruit and floral notes. It represents Zeena very well.

It has been selected in one of the regions in Spain with the longest tradition in the variety. We look for brilliant, light and platable wines. Furthermore, it is grown organically and with minumum intervention.

No. Grapes come from a plant, but various products can be used to refine the wines. In the case of vegan wines, these products can never be of animal origin.

In the care of the vinyards and production of the wine, all of the products used are of natural origin, never synthetic.

They are a substance used for the purpose of preserving the aroma and taste of the wine.

The selection of Zeen’s wines come from different regions of Spain. In our first production, the selected harvest comes from the region of Tarragona.

There are wines that contain sugar. They are called sweet wines.

Zeena is a “dry” wine that has an insignificant amount of sugar. This sugar comes from the grapes and is what is left once the grapes have fermented.

Depending on the wine, Zeena’s alcohol content varies between 12.5 and 13 %.

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